When you choose Custom Tray for your packaging, assembly, or display tray needs, we’ll provide you with an efficient ordering and design experience, as well as product materials of the highest quality.

Our products and services include:

Tray Design

The process begins by designing your tray to fit your product’s specific dimensions or shape. Custom Tray utilizes the latest CAD software to create our tooling, and provide your engineers and sales personnel with realistic 3-D drawings and images for clear interpretation of the tray’s appearance and functionality. We can also incorporate your CAD program to evaluate your design for the thermoforming process. This allows us to make any necessary changes to produce the tray that best fits your needs. We can also work directly with your engineers to exchange files and expedite the design-to-tooling process–all to ensure the tray’s purpose is fully met.

Our Full Line of Substrate Materials

We promise that our products and materials will satisfy needs for FDA approval, anti-static or ESD protection, sterilization processes, environmental “disposal” concerns, longterm use, or UV endurance. At Custom Tray, we are always searching for new materials, with the latest characteristics to complement “Green Issues” or expand product protection and longevity.

Single & Multi-Cavity Trays, Return Wall & Blister-Style

Cavities can be simple rectangles or round shapes, or custom designed to fit your product’s special characteristic or component. We can also add design features that facilitate product extraction, protect critical sections, or promote display and visibility in manufacturing or retail environments.

Snap-On Covers & Lids

These covers can include your company’s LOGO or name, product ID information, shapes to control your product’s movement or protection in the cavity area, as well as tray features to promote appearance, or facilitate product inspection or count.

Hinged Clamshell Containers

Clamshells present a single complete package for your product, enabling your customers to transport your product around a shop or office environment, while maintaining protection and organization of the product until use is needed. It is also a common package for retail display.

Clamshell tooling can be constructed for “inserts,” allowing easy exchange of interior shapes and designs during the production process. This allows you to combine different quantities and clamshell interior layouts for quantity pricing, and greatly reduces future tooling costs.

Give us a Call

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