About Our Company

Our Mission

Our goal at Custom Tray is to provide unrivaled customer service to all manufacturers of small parts across the country. We aim to be as responsive to a 10 piece order as we are to a 10,000 piece requirement. We strive to provide our customers with a simple process to explain their packaging needs and have us design, produce, and ship any requirement without delay and without a multitude of concessions or allowances.

We also want our products to be received by our customers in excellent condition, “as expected” and ready for immediate use. We want our customers to expect and receive problem-free products and services and place Custom Tray at the top of their preferred vendor list.

Our Company

Located in Englewood, FL, Custom Tray is comprised of a diverse team of industry professionals ranging from employees with 30+ years of thermoforming experience to recent tech school graduates intent on starting a career. At Custom Tray, our team is dedicated to producing products of remarkable quality and reliability, and we believe our strong work ethic for achieving customer satisfaction has also helped to win us so many clients over the years.

Custom Tray is strategically positioned to be a full service, highly responsive supplier to manufacturers of small parts across America. We design, tool, and produce compartment trays for storage, product production, assembly line presentation, and facility-to-facility shipping. Our customers include manufacturers of electrical components, medical devices, basic machined metal pieces, optical lenses, and critical injection molded assemblies.

We maintain a robust in-house inventory of raw materials in various thickness to solve a wide array of packaging specifications, including FDA approved, ESD and anti-static abilities, sterilization processes, opaque or clear, disposable, or reusable. Gauge ranges are from .0075 to .200” to meet a wide range of demands.