For some small parts manufacturers, the tooling cost is the first obstacle to obtaining the tray that best fits their needs. To the professional team at Custom Tray, it’s simply the first step in providing you with the perfect tray.

At Custom Tray, we understand your cost concerns and have carefully refined and developed our tooling process to provide our customers with as many options as possible–not just for varying levels of expense, but more importantly, for extensive design requirements.

Our Process

Most thermoforming industry professionals will agree that the most important part of the tooling process is actually “talking” about it. At Custom Tray, we start this process by letting you tell us what the purpose of your tray is going to be. It’s not always just “to ship my product in”. The main requirement may be to protect an element of your part, or to provide quick visual confirmation of the quantity, or quality, of the parts you are shipping. Perhaps it’s to arrange component parts in the order of assembly. It may just be a device to enhance the presentation of your product. Whatever the reason for your tray, tooling will be instrumental in determining the effectiveness of the tray, and that’s why we listen to your needs and understand exactly what you’re hoping to achieve before the process even begins.

Once we refine the basic concepts, and once reach an agreement on the best possible design, we will work up some cost figures. This will give you an accurate picture of the expense so we can proceed to make you a tray that perfectly matches your requirements and your budget.

During the design process, we utilize the latest CAD/CAM software technology to design our tools, and we will be in constant communication with you to ensure the design process creates the perfect finished product. We’ll provide you with high resolution imagery and drawings in the initial stages and as we build the prototypes, we’ll send you formed pieces to physically check your part fit–this ensures there will be no surprises when the order is completed. At Custom Tray, we promise that your parts will fit and your tray will do it’s job with efficiency and reliability.

Give us a Call

If you would like to discuss your packaging problems with us or if you have any questions about our tooling process, please contact us at 941-474-4400 today.